Welcome to Biophiles Online!


Copper colored ribs of the cold house structure arc over row after row of red, pink, and green azaleas.back at the beginning

It was back in January 2017 that I first began dreaming about Biophiles Online. The idea first dawned on me while I was cold, working inside a plastic covered hoop-house, at a commercial nursery, cleaning old leaves and other plant debris from the crotches of no less than eight-hundred  three-gallon azalea plants. It was both a lot better and a lot worse than that sounds.

being or doing?

It gave me a lot of time to truly zen and take care of the plants. In turn, my thoughts turned deep and I really considered what it is I care about and how it is that I care. To care belongs in the realm of being vs doing. I realized that I care about making positive and meaningful contributions to this incredible and fascinating world. I also care about connecting with others and sharing ideas about how to overcome that being vs doing duality.

From the vantage point of a little black dog with pointy ears we see a figure far away, down a cliff, and at the center of the picture in the middle of the lushest, greenest, mountain canopy imaginable. The blue mountains arise in the distance.

So here we are.

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